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A6 Zipper-less Cash Envelopes

A6 Zipper-less Cash Envelopes

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Introducing our minimalist transparent A6 Cash Envelopes now available a with Flap closure! Designed with functionality and style in mind, our transparent A6 Cash Envelopes with flap closure are less bulky that zippered envelopes and they are the ideal envelopes for cash stuffing and fit perfectly in your Budget Binder.

This Bundle Includes:

1 Transparent A6 Cash Envelopes with flap closure.

Designed with functionality and style in mind and perfect for your:

1. Planners
2. Budget Binders
3. Cash Stuffing Envelopes

This A6 Transparent Cash Envelope provides an attractive and secure way to store your cash.

Crafted with durable materials, it ensures your money remains protected and organised. Its compact size allows for easy handling and fits seamlessly into your planner or budget binder, making it a convenient choice.

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