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Budgeting Basics

The Ultimate Savings Bundle

The Ultimate Savings Bundle

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Budget like a Boss with our A6 binder bundle! This bundle includes a stylish Budget Binder, budget sheets, cash envelopes, & 6 popular savings challenges!

This Bundle Includes:

- 1 A6 Binder
- 5 Budget Sheets
- 5 Cash Envelopes
- $5 Dollar Savings Challenge
- $10 Dollar Savings Challenge
- $20 Dollar Savings Challenge
- 52 Week Savings Challenge
- 100 Envelope Savings Challenge
- 1 Ultra Fine Point Marker

Whether you’re saving for a specific goal or just building up your rainy-day fund, these challenge adds an element of fun and excitement to the saving process.

So, gather your cash, grab your marker, and embark on a thrilling savings journey with this fun Cash Stuffing Saving Challenge.


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