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Budgeting Basics

Kids Saving Challenges | Binder Bundle

Kids Saving Challenges | Binder Bundle

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Turn Saving into an Adventure and help your kids save with our Fun and exciting Savings Challenge Bundle. This saving challenge bundle can help your child build financial skills & learn to reach their goals, one dollar at a time!

This bundle includes a Budget Binder, budget sheets, cash envelopes, & 8 fun exciting savings challenges for kids!

This Bundle Includes:

- 1 A6 Binder
- 8 Cash Envelopes
- 1 Marker
- 8 Savings Challenge

Choose 8 Challenges from our list

  1. $1 Dollar Savings Challenge
  2. $5 Dollar Savings Challenge
  3. $10 Dollar Savings Challenge
  4. $20 Dollar Savings Challenge
  5. Need For Speed  Savings Challenge
  6. Under the Sea Savings Challenge Style
  7. Rocket Math Multiplication Savings Challenge
  8. Fun at the Zoo Addition Math Savings Challenge

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